Estate Liquidation

Vancouver Island Estate Liquidation Specialists

Due to the corona virus we are not able to host Estate Sales in the home. Instead we have been selling the household contents through our Liquidation Outlet.

Estate Sales are public sales, held inside a house, selling all the contents within. Prior to an estate sale, the family removes all the personal items they would like to keep. Before the scheduled sale, Smart Move’s experienced and efficient staff come to the house and prepare the remaining items for sale by cleaning, organizing, pricing and displaying them. The duration of the estate sale depends on the quality and quantity of the items to be sold. Smart Move handles all the aspects of the sale – before, during, and after – therefore the executor, trustee, or owner need not be present.

As estate liquidators, Smart Move is devoted to selling as much personal property as possible within a very short period of time. Pricing the items to sell quickly, yet advantageously, requires a vast knowledge of current values and lots of experience.

We Are an  Experienced & Professional Estate Liquidators on Vancouver Island

sensitive-resourceful-knowledgeableFrom start to finish we are professional in every way. We use professional appraisers, equipment, supplies, signage, presentation, staging props and much more! Combined, our team is able to price all different kinds of items found in a home, remaining sensitive to current local trends and local market values.
We have OVER 2,000 buyers receiving our sale information from our e-mail notification system. We also promote upcoming sales at our sales and through our facebook page.
Professional street signs with balloons are generously placed to mark available routes leading to sale locations. Through our multi-layer approach to advertising, we create well-attended and lucrative sales! We use traffic control personnel to direct large volumes of people who attend our sales!

We have sold fine art, antiques, silver, gold, gems, china, crystal, leather furniture, dining suites, wool and silk carpets, flat screen HD TVs, surround sound systems. exercise equipment, collections of model airplanes, dolls, music boxes, teacups stamps, coins, etc.

Sales also regularly include kitchen ware, linens, books, garden, clothing, jewelry (costume and real), computer equipment, photography equipment, appliances, power tools, automobiles, boats, motorcycles, RVs and sporting equipment.

You name it – We’ve sold it before and we’ll sell it again!

Clean-Out Service

Due to the corona virus we are not able to offer this service at this time

This option is great for clients dealing with an estate where:

  • Time is sensitive – items must be out immediately,
  • They can not host a sale in the home because of strata bylaws, etc
  • There is not enough value in the items in the home to warrant having an estate sale,
  • The client wishes to donate all items in the home to charity.

Once the home is cleared of all its contents the home is professionally cleaned from top to bottom and all rubbish and recyclables are removed. Now the home is ready to put on the market and ready for new owners.

Seniors Relocation –

Due to the corona virus we are not able to offer this service at this time

Smart Move Relocation and Estate Liquidation are the answer to all of the downsizing and moving needs of seniors. From sorting your belongings and deciding what to move into your new home to packing, moving and settling in, we are committed to making every step of your relocation as smooth and as easy as possible.
We start by creating a plan and timeline for your move. Then we design the arrangement of your new home by creating a floor plan. We will assist in the selection of furniture, household items and personal belongings to take to your new home. Then we sort, organize and pack your items in preparation for the movers. We coordinate and oversee the movers while they are loading and unloading your belongings.

committment-thoughtfulness-organizationOnce everything is in your new home we unpack, organize and arrange your new home including making beds, hooking up your electronics, putting items away in cupboards and closets and displaying your treasures – a full home staging.
We can arrange for a final clean up of your previous residence and of your new home if necessary. Then we follow up with you to ensure you are settled in and comfortable in your new home.
Lastly we can prepare your house for sale – including recommending real estate agents, staging the home, and any other preparation required to sell your home for the best possible price. After the home has sold we will also manage the liquidation of items no longer wanted by hosting an estate sale in your home.


Downsizing and Blending

Due to the corona virus we are not able to offer this service at this time

Smart Move can make your move simple and easy whether it’s for space clearing, relocation or a blending of two households. We charge less than movers do for packing, giving you an affordable pack and unpack program! We organize your whole move – handling every detail if required. We are there before, during, and after your move to make sure everything is done to your standards.

If you are tired of too much stuff, and would like to live a clutter-free, simpler lifestyle, we can help! The task of sorting through, deciding what to keep, what to gift, and what to sell and then packing cherished possessions can be emotionally and physically draining. The added pressure of a ‘to do by date’ can be too much for some to contemplate. We can take away the stress.

Working with clients to sort through what can be years of accumulated possessions requires patience and sensitivity. We offer one to one support and years of experience to help go through this process.

We can help our clients begin this process well in advance of the move – working with them to complete the task before moving day arrives. We can also help clients even if they are not moving – for clients who are looking to ‘age in place’ a program of de-cluttering can help create a safer environment that is much easier to maintain. For growing families de-cluttering can create space for the new activities of older children or to accommodate aging parents. If time is tight we can help to complete this task very efficiently over a shorter period of time.

During the process we can pack for the move or make arrangements for donating, recycling or disposing. We can also arrange for items to go to family members even if shipping is required.