committment-thoughtfulness-organizationSmart Move can make your move simple and easy whether it’s for space clearing, relocation or a blending of two households. We charge less than movers do for packing, giving you an affordable pack and unpack program! We organize your whole move – handling every detail if required. We are there before, during, and after your move to make sure everything is done to your standards.

If you are tired of too much stuff, and would like to live a clutter-free, simpler lifestyle, we can help! The task of sorting through, deciding what to keep, what to gift, and what to sell and then packing cherished possessions can be emotionally and physically draining. The added pressure of a ‘to do by date’ can be too much for some to contemplate. We can take away the stress.

Working with clients to sort through what can be years of accumulated possessions requires patience and sensitivity. We offer one to one support and years of experience to help go through this process.

We can help our clients begin this process well in advance of the move – working with them to complete the task before moving day arrives. We can also help clients even if they are not moving – for clients who are looking to ‘age in place’ a program of de-cluttering can help create a safer environment that is much easier to maintain. For growing families de-cluttering can create space for the new activities of older children or to accommodate aging parents. If time is tight we can help to complete this task very efficiently over a shorter period of time.

During the process we can pack for the move or make arrangements for donating, recycling or disposing. We can also arrange for items to go to family members even if shipping is required.